TAX Allies and General Policy

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TAX Allies and General Policy

Post by janeysaurus on 26.09.08 2:52

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TAX Leadership
Leader: janeysaurus
Home Secretary: Drako
Diplomat: ROm
General: janeysaurus/rotation

Full Defense Pact (FDP)
YAG - "Laser Alliance"
MG - "Monkey Gods"

Unofficial Peace Treaties
None, as per request

TAX allows our members to hit members of other alliances. However, we tell our members to keep in mind these people may attack them back, so judge accordingly. We do not want our members relying on tag protection to keep them safe.

We do not interfere in 1v1 battles. We will step in if the attacker calls in his or her alliance and they ALL start attacking one of our members.

Also, in a conflict, try the diplomatic approach first before calling for aid. You may be able to get issues resolved before it becomes an alliance matter. We may be ruthless, but we are not unreasonable. Please note, TAX does not fear war.

TAX does not require our members to return freely and fairly pillaged loot. We also do not ask others to give loot back to our members if freely won.

Also please note, during a conflict, TAX will occupy any town as needed to further our aims, with or without approval. We will not cancel occupation at request until our mission is completed. Our members will not stay any longer than needed to complete their mission, so your best bet is to be patient and wait it out. We will leave as soon as possible.
If you seek compensation larger than the 10% loot percentage given to you as an occupant, then contact the TAX occupier.

TAX, as a rule, refuses all peace treaty offers. We are a warmongering alliance, not a peaceful trader alliance. The FDPs above became our allies because either we warred with them and became friends or they consistently and willingly provided military assistance in our wars. Should you desire to become a TAX FDP, please contact our Diplomat with your offer. We are not closed to the idea of making more friends and allies, so we are willing to discuss it.

TAX General

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