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Post by IFT-cryt on 16.08.08 6:53

Here's my case:

I am the leader of IFT/IsleFreeTrade on Lambda
IsleFreeTrade is interested in defending itself against any aggressor against its alliance, as are most alliances.
Exefron attacked and blocked one of IFT's members.
No correspondence had been returned after said attack or before it.
I announced my intention to recover goods I had lost in redirected trade (in hindsight, I'd have to agree that I should have chalked up my losses.)

After much inane banter (according to both sides), IFT is under attack (my islands personally) and at least the threat if not the actual process of attacking more IFT members.

A cease fire request for terms had been rebuffed.

While I might acquiesce to a certain amount of hubris, I doubt any of what I have done or said requires an unannounced declaratioin of war without terms. Considerinig the content of TAX's board posts with regard to war, and a certain lack of same from TAX2 directly, I am asking under what terms the battle being wrought by spencerville is initiated and what would constitute an equitable end to the aggressions. On my end, I would offer an apology both on behalf of IFT for defending its territories by attacking a member of TAX2 and personally for offending the sensibilities of one spencerville.

Considering the existing postings of declaration of war, I feel that IFT has in no way come close to achieving the egregious claims that would incite such as TAX2 to declare war on IFT. However, I have yet to see such posting to reflect the situation of aggression that has come to IFT.

My Request:
Cease fire from spencerville in particular, and TAX2 in general, if such matters are yet to come to pass.

My Offer:
Apology in this message. Forgiveness of aggression currently and loss of redirected goods.
Peace treaty with TAX2
Other claims negotiable.


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