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K2onic Pain from the alliance Xeropain sends the following message: I
am going to make this very clear, DO NOT INVITE MY MEMBERS TO JOIN YOUR
ALLIANCE, we will not tolerate this type of behavior. Recruiting from
other alliances is highly frowned upon and I bet that you would not
like it if I came over to your area and "encouraged" your members to
join my alliance.

We, the Monkey Gods, are expanding our presence in the area surrounding
the island of , You have a city on this island, which has a crystal
mine on it. We are one of the top 25 alliances on the Lambada server,
and we believe that we need this island to better secure our future.
Rather than pushing all non-Monkey Gods off the island, we'd like to
offer some of them the opportunity to join us. Please let us know if
you'd be interested in the next few days.
Loose Cannon

Loose cannon
Encourage away. I was simply giving your member the chance to avoid being repeatedly attacked until he vacated our island.

Feel free to tell your member to get off our island instead
A Monkey God"

Oh, and something else you mentioned (because I can't stand a crappy
analogy) - I didn't have to "go to your area" to recruit. One of your
members is right in the middle of MY area, taking up space on one of
OUR islands.

If one of my members planted a city smack in the middle of TAX turf,
taking up space on an island that is being used almost exclusively by
TAX members, then yes, I'd expect that to eventually cause a problem -
as your member has caused a problem here.

I sent another message.....

now isn't that just a bunch of.... my member was on that island long
before any of you monkeys started showing up there. So why don't you
just back right off him now? We don't want to go to war with you over
this but do not think that we don't have the "armies" in the area to
take you out if necessary. I suggest that you leave my member in peace
and that we all have a good day.

K2onic Pain

He called me names.... now my feelings are hurt....

Loose Cannon wrote
Couple of things - first, if you hadn't been such a pompus ass in your
reply to me the first time, my response might well have been different.

Second, I'm sure you do have some "armies" - but based on the high
score board, I already know that your biggest players aren't close
enough to help if you go to war against us. On the other hand, we have
all of our heavy hitters right there in the area. If you want to take
our allies into account, that widens it even further.

Again, the real problem here is that you have a shitty attitude - if
you'd like to keep it up, what's going to happen is that you're going
to have your members around us decimated, and your members that are
further out are going to spend a ton and a half of gold trying to keep
large enough armies to hurt any of us in the field for a day or more at
a time.

But hey, if you think you can persecute a war with supply lines stretched across the whole server, good luck with that.

K2onic Pain wrote
Well I don't think that I was being pompus at all. The matter was that
you threatened my member for no reason, he has every right to be in
that area. I merely told you not to recruit my members, I found it
quite insulting that you would send a recruitment letter to someone in
an alliance. I don't see why your are getting all worked up about
something as small as one of my members sitting on a island full of
yours. Is he not a good donator or something? Why can't we live in

Loose Cannon wrote
Dood, anytime someone opens with "I'm going to make this very clear"
and THEN TYPES IN ALL CAPS it's always going to come across that
they're being a pompous ass. You did both of those things. Then you
capped it with "we will not tolerate this kind of behavior!". OK, so go
on and act all tough. There's a reason we've deployed our members the
way we have, in the area we've chosen.

If you'd like to avoid a war, that's fine. But don't think for a second
that you can try and throw your weight around and bully us into
anything. I've studied the deployment maps, and the best TAX could hope
for is a draw, and even then it would cost the members closest to us
quite dearly.

K2onic Pain wrote
I just wanted to make it clear that I am not trying to bully you into
anything. I was just trying to make it clear that I do not respect you
trying to recruit my members or trying to bully them off their islands.
I have no other issues with you or your alliance.

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