Discussion with H-D

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Discussion with H-D

Post by k2onic on 07.06.08 6:59

please post your concerns here, representatives of H-D

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Post by H-D Pand on 07.06.08 16:10

I am the Leader of H-D, Panda

Hells TAX there have been some problem of you attacking, one of our newer members, up to recently, while you attacked him, he was a member of the alliance. Your attackers excuse was "I stopped emedietly, after he joined the alliance" this however was untrue.

I would like to address this problem through diplomacy rather than war. If it turned to war, the whole thing would be rather expensive and inconvenient, seeing as we are based far from each other. Nonetheless, this problem msut be solved.

I have come up with a solution that doesnt look bad in my eyes, Warman is left alone, with no attacks, and all rescourecs lost after he joined alliance, should be returned to the city that was hit.

H-D Pand

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Re: Discussion with H-D

Post by jboc on 09.06.08 10:46

We have ceased any attacks, and never meant anything serious. A few of our members, as I understand it pillaged your member a few times before and after he joined your alliance. They did not bash or even constantly farm the player. They have stopped and we do not want to go to war over such a small thing. As for getting resources back, we may be able to arrange something, but i cannot promise you anything. How much was lost after he joined your alliance?

We were concerned, however, that we heard that you were mad at us because you had asked an ally of yours to aide you in fighting us, and they asked us what was going on from our side. Can you explain this?


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User LYRICS attacked me

Post by Xing on 19.08.08 9:09

Does this alliance allow ppl attacking others with no reason? MF Lyrics attacked me today....


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Re: Discussion with H-D

Post by Reignheart on 19.08.08 14:25

to answer Xings question
im in no position to answer but in my humblest opinion, tax is a war alliance.
if you can not protect your resource(high gold/ high resource with high ports) with no military then you will likely get hit by any other alliance.
and i hope that other alliances will not protect anyone with those reasons above and also leeching will get others attention.
and if there are really no reason for attack, then it could be fix through diplomacy.
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Re: Discussion with H-D

Post by balogh on 23.08.08 14:14

Does this alliance allow ppl attacking others with no reason? MF Lyrics attacked me today....

Well no.

There has to be a reason for the attack, let me give you a short list of valid reasons.

  • pillage able resources in access of 10 in any resource.
  • cost of attack in gold < pillaged gold
  • revange
  • war
Any of these reasons validates an attack.



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Re: Discussion with H-D

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