Resurrected dispute?

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Resurrected dispute?

Post by lazloth on 30.05.08 15:58

Howdy guys.

I tagged one of your members a few days back prior to his joining the ranks of TAX2 (there was no indication he was affiliated with your alliance at the time.) We exchanged a few in-game messages and settled the matter, I thought amicably.

I received communication from my clan this morning that there is some amount of messaging back & forth and it did not sound like the matter was at rest.

Would you please respond if there is any issue? I would prefer (obviously) to remain on peaceful terms.



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Re: Resurrected dispute?

Post by jboc on 02.06.08 5:45

Please give us the details of this encounter. If you do not feel comfortable discussing it in public, contact our diplomat (of TAX not TAX2), and tell him to send it to the leadership. We would like the name of who you attacked, and what your alliance is, and exactly what discusiions are taking place.

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Post by spencerv on 03.06.08 6:39

THe matter has been settled.

Lazloth was not attacked.



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Re: Resurrected dispute?

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